What did you think of...Terminator: Genisys?

Director James Cameron's long-running franchise takes another dip in the sci-fi pool this week with TERMINATOR: GENISYS, which hopes to erase the memory of the last few entries, TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES and TERMINATOR: SALVATION, which didn't fare as well at the box office when compared to its predecesors. 1984's THE TERMINATOR and 1991's TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY are still heralded as the best of the cybernetic apocalypse series, which has struggled to find firm footing since Cameron exited creative involvement. Can this new entry change the fate of the franchise?

THOR: THE DARK WORLD's Alan Taylor takes over directing duties, assembling a cast of new faces to the series, including Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke as John Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, and returning staple, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the T-800, which has gone from bad guy to good guy since 91's T2. With complaints that the vigorous marketing has revealed too much and reviews falling mostly middle of the road, it looks like the film will be relying on loyal franchise fans and the PG-13 crowd to pump some blood (i.e. cash) into this new entry. Our own Chris Bumbray gave the film a 5/10 and Eric Walkuski scored it a 7/10 in his video review.

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Rotten Tomatoes: 172 reviews, avg score: 27%
Movie Fan Central: 6 reviews, avg score: 6.2/10

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