What Did You Think? Post your Last Airbender review!

By all accounts, THE LAST AIRBENDER is shaping up to be one of the worst reviewed films of the summer. And might i remind you that this summer also included JONAH HEX, MARMADUKE and GROWN UPS. The film currently has only four positive ratings (out of 62 total) on Rotten Tomatoes. Our own Chris Bumbray called the film "astonishingly bad" in his 1/10 review of the film. (I saw it and I don't know that I hated it that much but it definitely bored me to tears.)

Yet despite all that, AIRBENDER doesn't appear to be a financial flop. Current predictions seem to indicate a $50MM+ weekend, which is pretty impressive, especially when going up against TWILIGHT. That would indicate a good bunch of you are still going to see this movie. I'm curious to know if fans of the cartoon will hate it as much as critics have or if this movie will find an audience who likes it.

We'll leave the Strike Backs open throughout the holiday weekend for you to post your review (or you can post your review on your Movie Fan Central profile page). Please keep your reviews spoiler-free and remember, no insulting any other readers.

UPDATE: Instead of the film's trailer below, we've decided to update it with a clip of real AIRBENDER fans giving their reactions to the film. Hilarious stuff.

Source: JoBlo.com



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