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What Did You Think? Post your Prince of Persia review!


Memorial Day is usually when we get one of the biggest movies of the summer released. Like the Fourth of July, it's a big holiday weekend where people love to head out to theaters and studios have been planning their big event movies on these dates for years now. This year it's Disney's PRINCE OF PERSIA that hopes to be this year's big event movie.

JimmyO wasn't blown away by the film in his review and Rotten Tomatoes lists a 40% approval rating. But we want to know what you thought of the film!

We'll be leaving the Strike Backs open all weekend and you can post your own review (or head to Movie Fan Central and post a review on your profile page). All we ask is that you be respectful of everyone's individual opinion and that you keep it relatively spoiler-free.

Source: JoBlo.com



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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