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What does the future hold for Transformers? Producer Don Murphy might know


Michael Bay is focusing on dark comedy for his next effort, but don't worry, producer Don Murphy sees more TRANSFORMERS movie fun in your future.

Murphy, who has been a producer on each TRANSFORMERS film made some comments on his personal forums about the future of the franchise. This is what Murphy had to say:

"What happens next? Certainly not a reboot. We haven't lost the Transformers. They didn't grow up or become expensive like Toby Maguire. I don't know what happens next. I'm pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn't all bots."

Bay says he's done. I'm sure he will produce in some capacity. Plus, if the rumors are true, Jason Statham could take part in that second trilogy. For some reason, I don't really see it happening though.

Source: TFW2005



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