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What happened to her face? Angelina Jolie looks a little weird in this poster for Salt


It's useless to spend my time with this article talking about how people with a Photoshop addiction need to seek help. The massive amount of photoshopping will continue just like the endless amount of remakes getting made. There are people who can do wonderfully creative things with Photoshop, and then there's people who turn Angelina Jolie into an alien.

In my opinion, Angelina doesn't need her face messed with. However, in this poster for SALT, she somewhat resembles Christian Bale in THE MACHINIST. SALT is being released in a theater near you on the 23rd of July.

Would you slap this on your wall?

Extra Tidbit: If I mention Jolie in FOXFIRE, no one has a clue what I'm talking about. Anyone here seen it? There's got to be one of you who has.
Source: Kino



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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