MOVIE POLL: What happened to "The Mist"?

What happened to "The Mist"?

It opened poorly, but I saw the movie and it rocked and I have faith that it will kick ass in the next few weeks!!
It opened poorly because it was released at the wrong time. Thanksgiving?? How about Halloween, people!! Sometimes I think I should be marketing these films.
It opened poorly because the movie sucks and people want to see good movies, plain and simple!
It opened poorly, but that's likely because of the "stigma" that most horror movies still face today: most audiences would rather just see "happy-go-lucky" movies. They have enough "horror" in their real lives.
It opened poorly, but like SHAWSHANK, I believe this film will develop a cult following on DVD, where it will achieve its greater success.
It opened poorly, and I have absolutely NO IDEA why it did. I'm clueless.
The Fog, The Mist, The Perfect Storm...I honestly can't tell the difference. The title sucked!

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