What is Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn doing and not doing?

Although Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn first made an impact with his must-see PUSHER trilogy, it was the recent prison movie BRONSON that really packed a punch.

Recently the director has been juggling several projects, but some of them have ended up in the dirt. As we heard the other day, Refn and Ryan Gosling are apparently replacing Hugh Jackman and director Neil Marshall on the vehicular action flick DRIVE.

So who took the loss? Empire says that Refn won't be making THE DYING OF THE LIGHT, a Paul Schrader-penned thriller about a CIA agent with Alzheimer's, which was going to star Harrison Ford.

Also getting cut by the double-edged sword is JEKYLL, an update of the classic tale starring Keanu Reeves. Refn says he just couldn't work around the schedule they wanted.

But after DRIVE, Refn does plan to make his ONLY GOD FORGIVES, described thusly: "A Bangkok-set modern Western (East meets West) that sees a Thai police lieutenant and a gangster settling their differences in a Thai-boxing match."

Extra Tidbit: Refn's Viking action movie VALHALLA RISING, starring his regular collaborator Mads Mikkelsen (CASINO ROYALE), is still awaiting US release.
Source: Empire



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