What is Fencewalker?

A month before THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE even hits theaters, Chris Carter isn't in an editing booth or embarking on some whirlwind promotional tour. No, he's in Los Angeles shooting his next movie. Huh? Yeah no one else has heard about it either. Carter was able to write, cast and begin production on the film without word leaking out and only today did The Hollywood Reporter first leak word of the film. So what is this FENCEWALKER about? Well it stars Natalie Dormer, Katie Cassidy and X-FILES star Xzhibit and is supposedly a "coming-of-age, semiautobiographical" movie with "no supernatural elements." Carter reportedly wrote the project a long time ago when "The X-Files" ended its run on TV and has looked at it as a passion project. It's unclear how or why after all this time, Carter was able to fit it in directly after his first directing gig in years. Was making THE X-FILES: IWTB so taxing on his constitution he needed to reboot by making an indie drama? Did he simply love Xzhibit that much needed to much another film with him pronto? As Carter does interviews for X-FILES, expect more about this film to come out...

Extra Tidbit: Carter has never directed anything outside the world of "The X-Files."



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