What is Wes Anderson getting ready to shoot in 2011?

Like Robert Zemeckis, someone else is returning to live-action films. However, this guy hasn't been gone for too long.

Wes Anderson's last effort was appropriately titled FANTASTIC MR. FOX. Before that in 2007, he offered up THE DARJEELING LIMITED and the accompanying short, HOTEL CHEVALIER.

Production Weekly tweeted this little update: "Wes Anderson has begun pre-production on his next live-action project, the untitled feature is scheduled to begin filming in the Spring." Anderson was working on a re-write of the french film, MY BEST FRIEND. Then last year he decided that wasn't such a great idea so he threw it out.

According to The Playlist, the director is looking to cast a boy and girl about age 12 for leading roles. Other than that, there are no other details. Maybe he's decided to continue going down the family route. But what about the partly written script re-teaming Anderson with Noah Baumbach? Could it be that? Who knows, however when we know, we'll make sure to let you in on the details.

Extra Tidbit: I absolutely love THE DARJEELING LIMITED. Does anyone else?



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