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What up, Wachowskis?


The webs were aflutter earlier today with rumors that the Wachowski siblings were secretly shooting their next movie. Any truth? Maybe sorta kinda.

The buzz began when author / columnist / Post-owner Arianna Huffington tweeted pics (like the one here) of herself "from the set of the Wachowskis' futuristic movie", alternately noting it involved Iraq "from the perspective of the future", and is apparently set 90 years from now.

This prompted slashfilm to theorize that the MATRIX-makers were already underway on some kind of sci-fi war movie, but CHUD refuted the notion, claiming that it was merely test footage using green screen (obviously) and digital cameras. 

And then Cinematical pondered whether it had something to do with CLOUD ATLAS, a Wachowskis-produced adaptation of the award-winning David Mitchell book that's being directed by Tom Tykwer (THE INTERNATIONAL, RUN LOLA RUN). 

So basically, nobody knows for sure what this is at the moment... except intriguing. More as we hear!

Extra Tidbit: Larry Wachowski is indeed now Lana.
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