What Women Want 2???

     Mel is about to do a big mistake...

Ok, so I liked WHAT WOMEN WANT in a guilty-pleasure way, plus Mel waxing his leg was pretty funny. But a Tween-centric spin-off/sequel/remake/rip-off  or whatever they wish to call it, by Disney nonetheless, even I can't stomach that!

The studio is developing something called WHAT BOYS WANT from a pitch by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer who are also providing the Mouse with STEP UP 3D. You read that right - a third Step Up AND in 3D. There are no words in any lifetime...

The film will be a template for Selena Gomez who stars in the Disney Channels' "Wizards of Waverly Place", which sounds an awful lot like Harry Potter for the Miley Cyrus crowd. Story would unsurprisingly have the tween chick hearing what young men think. They need special powers for that? I thought it was pretty friggin obvious... Heck, just ask us, we'll be happy to tell you.

Extra Tidbit: STEP UP 3D... I just...wow. I mean, really???
Source: Variety



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