What's next for Depp?

You know something is haywire in Hollywood when a guy like Johnny Depp doesn't have anything to do.

One of our generation's finest (and certainly coolest) actors is attached to a whole bunch of high-profile projects, including THE LONE RANGER and another PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (both currently directorless), an update of the old DARK SHADOWS show with Tim Burton, and even his pet project SHANTARAM. And he's being pursued for the recently announced remake of THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET.

But tragically, nothing is even remotely ready for production until next year, which means that whenever Depp finishes up on Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND, he'll basically be twiddling his manicured and possibly polished thumbs for the remainder of 2009, which is kind of criminal.

C'mon -- there must be something going before cameras in the next few months that can utilize the skills and boundless cool of Depp. Let's hope he decides to fill his days with something worthwhile (and faster-moving)...

Extra Tidbit: While promoting PUBLIC ENEMIES in London, Depp made a surprise visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital (where his ill daughter had been previously treated) dressed as Jack Sparrow to cheer up sick youngsters. He'd already donated $1.5 million to the facility. Basically, he's the coolest.
Source: THR



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