MOVIE POLL: What's your take on the whole "delay" on "Sin City 2"?

What's your take on the whole "delay" on "Sin City 2"?

I smell bullshit. I think that film will likely not happen in a long time (if ever). Grindhouse's failure certified that!
It's fine. I understand that both Tarantino/Rodriguez were "set back" by Grindhouse, but they'll come back stronger than ever eventually
Meh, honestly...I'm not really into it anymore. There was a good rhythm after the first one, but now it seems too much time has passed and other technologies are surpassing the ones from the original
I don't want to see a "Sin City 2". I'd rather Rodriguez just concentrate on other films and leave the original as it is: a classic (although no more kid's movies, dude...pleaze)
The real question should be "Will Quentin Tarantino ever finish writing 'Inglorious Bastards'"???
I don't give a shit about "Sin City 2" anymore, but they better cast a super-hottie for the lead in "Barbarella". And yes, I'm down with Rose McGowan, even if she IS dicking the director
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