Whedon on X-Men 4?

To answer the question I just posited in the above headline: nah, not really. But a slow news day and some wishful thinking are enough to justify an article.

Yes, I am an admirer of Whedon's creative ouevre, and would've loved to see him bring Marvel's uncanny mutants to theaters already. Alas, that wasn't meant to be -- practically nothing but a line of poorly delivered dialogue survived his initial X-MEN script, and the stars weren't in alignment for him to helm X-MEN 3 (which nonetheless liberally poached from Whedon's comic work in Astonishing X-Men). How about a fourth X-Adventure, now that his schedule is unencumbered by WONDER WOMAN?

While the actual status of another X-MEN movie is unknown and Whedon is currently doing his own thing (THE GONERS, and writing the "eighth season" of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER for Dark Horse Comics), he remains open to the idea: "You know they’re actually going to make it as opposed to something that’s in limbo. And you know I do love the characters. I wouldn’t say never." He gives a few more details on his projects RIGHT HERE.

And if X-MEN 4 does happen in some form, the director's chair may indeed be vacant -- I've heard recent rumblings to support earlier rumors that Brett Ratner will be directing the WOLVERINE solo movie, leaving the remaining mutie students without a headmaster.
Extra Tidbit: I still say ANGEL was the closest we'll ever see to another live-action BATMAN TV series.
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