Wheel of Time movie

THE WHEEL OF TIME With the fantasy craze that's hit Hollywood in the last few years, it's weird that Universal would choose to option Robert Jordan's unbelievably epic fantasy series "The Wheel of Time" when the craze seems to be on the decline. However, they're doing it and they're looking to adapt the first book in the series, "The Eye of the World", with the hope, of course, that if it's a spectacular success, it'll lead to all twelve books in the series (not including the prequel and the last of which is set for release next year by author Brandon Sanderson since Jordan died last year) being transplanted to the big screen. The story is essentially about a powerful force for good called a Dragon who must stop a powerful force for evil named Shai'tan before he can control the titular wheel. Of course, there's a hell of a lot more to it than that and if you'd like to know more, Wikipedia has a pretty detailed synopsis. No writer, director or actor's been attached as yet but if they wanna get all twelve books made this century, they should get a move on.

Extra Tidbit: NBC optioned "The Eye of the World" back in 2000 with plans to make it a mini-series but that didn't really pan out, it seems.
Source: Variety



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