When to pee during...

This is a totally true story: on my first date with my current girlfriend, just as we sat down to see HANCOCK, I leaned over and told her that when she was going to "make her move" (I used air quotes), that I'd appreciate it if she could just wait until directly after a really big action scene. Just so that, you know, I wouldn't miss any really cool money shot that I might regret later. We would be making out shortly thereafter. Anyway, I'm not sure what the point of that was except to make it clear that I'm super duper smooth.

No, no, I actually did have a point: if you, like me, are worried about missing important, or good parts of movies, RunPee is a pretty cool site, in its beta stages now, but with the aim to eventually provide a bible of the times when it is safe to take a piss during a movie, without fear of missing anything key. They scramble a description of what's gonna happen while you're at the toilet, and you unscramble it when you come back. Voila!
Source: RunPee



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