When will Saw end?

Saw VI teaser poster

Another October, another upcoming SAW film, and we already know for sure of a seventh in motion for next year. Do they intend to keep it up until no one goes to see them AT ALL or did they actually plan to let Jigsaw's game take a break?

"The storyline that we started in five and carries through six ends in Saw VIII," Twisted Pictures exec Mark Burg told the folks of Shock Till You Drop. "Where it goes beyond that I couldn't tell you. In my mind and Oren Koules' mind, we have the story threaded through part eight. I can't tell you the franchise will continue after that."

Originality aside, which to be fair it kinda had back in parts 1 and 2, money is money and those movies continue making more of it than they cost. Goes without saying the studio will want to keep it up if the final torture still brings it in. So only three options are viable then: Carry on even at the risk of going in friggin Space like Jason and Leprechaun did, Reboot/Remake again like Jason and so many others did, or find a "new" similar franchise to replace it for the following 8 years. Who's taking bets?

Extra Tidbit: One thing I have to give that franchise: it brought Shawnee Smith back in the spotlight. Best place for her to be.



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