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Where will Austin Powers go in the fourth film?


At ShoWest last week, Jay Roach was honored with the award for "Comedy Director of the Decade". MTV caught up with with Roach to talk about the award and also get some info about the fourth AUSTIN POWERS film.

2002 was the last time we saw Mr. Powers in the third installment, GOLDMEMBER. He took on his archnemesis--himself, and teamed up with Foxxy Cleopatra played by Beyoncé (why?). Austin has been put in several different locations, including the Moon. So where will he go next?

Roach says it will be, "Somewhere you haven't thought of." Mike Myers is currently coming up with ideas...what are yours?

Extra Tidbit: After seeing THE OFFICE UK finale, it's hard to not think of Ricky Gervais when Austin Powers comes up. The scene at the club was possibly one of the most uncomfortable moments of all time.
Source: MTV Movies blog



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