Where's Nick Fury?

As IRON MAN was filming last summer, we started to hear rumors that Sam Jackson would be making a cameo appearance as Nick Fury, the monocular director of SHIELD (that's the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate, naturally). Since the Ultimate Marvel Universe comic version of the character was essentially designed to resemble the actor, this was a welcome -- almost expected -- choice.

But will the character make the cut after all? Comic Book Resources has a report from a weekend Wizard convention, and during a movie panel it was stated that "IRON MAN will hit theatres on May 2nd. Samuel L. Jackson IS playing Nick Fury but his cameo may not appear in THIS film. They also confirmed that there is a crossover between this movie and THE INCREDIBLE HULK."

Hmmm... Could this merely be misdirection, or misinterpretation? It would certainly be odd for Jackson to have filmed scenes as Fury, only for it to wind up on the IRON MAN DVD when the movie seems like the perfect launching pad for the character to appear in his own potential solo franchise or eventual AVENGERS movie.

Well, the movie opens in less than two months, so I suppose we'll all find out then. (Rumor has it that the actual "shared" characters are the playboy weaponsmith and the mustachioed Hulk-hunter.)
Extra Tidbit: The 1998 NICK FURY made-for-TV movie starred David Hasselhoff, and was written by David Goyer (BLADE, BATMAN BEGINS).
Source: CBR



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