Where's Osama trailer

Morgan Spurlock's greatest skill is choosing documentary subjects that everyone cares about and then approaching it as bluntly as he can. First it was eating as much Mcdick's as possible in SUPER SIZE ME, and now he's going on a search for the world's most wanted man (other than Brad Pitt) in his new documentary WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN?. Before the film's Sundance premiere, there was premature talk that Spurlock maybe have actually found the Al-Qaeda leader, but the fact that he was alive to introduce his movie at Park City was enough to prove that he didn't. Today we get our first glimpse of the trailer, and although it looks like it has some entertaining moments, I doubt we'll learn much from it. It's not like we didn't know McDonald's was bad for us, and it's not like we don't know that Bin Laden is really great at hide and seek. Check out the trailer HERE.
Extra Tidbit: One review referred to this film as "Post 9/11 world for dummies."
Source: /Film



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