Where's the TDK game?

At the rate it's going THE DARK KNIGHT could surpass TITANIC as the all-time leading box-office winner in about two months. It's a movie that has a ridiculous amount of toys lined up on the shelves of Wal-Mart and Toys 'R Us. But one thing that is blatantly missing from all this cashing in, is a tie-in video game. CNN has a great article on the phenomena finally getting a mole within Electronic Arts (who holds the rights to a DARK KNIGHT game) to admit that a game was in the works but scrapped somewhere along the line. Why exactly the game was dropped isn't exactly known but speculation runs from Heath Ledger's death to the poor performance of the BATMAN BEGINS game. But every Batman movie along the way has had a video game (even BATMAN AND ROBIN!) so it seems a little odd that the best Batman film of all-time, arguable the best superhero movie of all-time and potentially the biggest movie of all-time doesn't have a video game. There was some thought that EA could resurrect the game for a release in line with the DVD but the same mole from EA said there is nothing in the works from now until March of 2009. So do you miss having a DARK KNIGHT game? Would you want EA to continue making their game or would you rather not even bother? You can read more about the TDK game at CNN.

Extra Tidbit: You can play the original NES BATMAN game here.
Source: CNN



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