While Kasdan and Kinsberg are writing Star Wars movies, they may not be Episode VIII or IX

The latest bit of news regarding STAR WARS: EPISODE VII and beyond has to do with the recent reveal that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinsberg are coming in to script EPISODE VIII and EPISODE IX. Knowing the man behind the screenplay for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK may come back was a very good portent of the future of the franchise. But, it was odd that Disney made no official statement about their duties on the second and third films in the new trilogy.

The reason for that may be because the writers are not making EPISODE VIII or IX. The Hollywood Reporter cites sources that claim Kasdan and Kinsberg are developing individual screenplays for which they will also be producers. Those sources claim that while these screenplays could develop into future "episodes" of the STAR WARS film series, they are being fostered as standalone films that may or may not feed into the main Skywalker story we know as EPISODE I through VI.

While this could be part of the 2-3 movies a year format that Kathleen Kennedy hinted at, this could also mean we may not get all three of the new trilogy in a row and instead get these expanded universe stories in between, similar to how Marvel has been building up to THE AVENGERS films.

I am happy to be getting STAR WARS films at the potential we have been waiting for. If Lucasfilm and Disney are interested in making this franchise sustainable, they need to bring in quality writers and directors to build up the cinematic universe. We know the material is out there in comics and novels, now we just need to have it realized.

Are you excited for Kasdan and Kinsberg to potentially begin the expanded STAR WARS universe or would you rather they stick with EPISODE VIII and IX?

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