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White Chicks 2


White Chicks scene

The 2010 Oscar is heating up already, and the Wayans Brothers want to make sure they'll be left out. Just to be on the safe side, Sony allowed them to go ahead with a sequel to WHITE CHICKS.

Keenen Ivory Wayans has signed to direct bro's Marlon and Shawn, with all three of them writing and producing. The story this time around is "kept under wraps", but let's just assume Shawn and Marlon are FBI agents dressed up as, well, white chicks. Hope they give us more details soon 'cause the suspense is already killing me. *cough*

I wish I could be a bit more opinionated about the original, but in all honesty I never made it passed the first 25 minutes. I probably missed the funny parts though since it made $70M domestic on a $37M budget. I couldn't have been COMPLETELY bad, right?

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of Wayans, where the heck has Damon gone to? HE was funny!



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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