White Stripes trailer

Having premiered back in September during the Toronto International Film Festival, the new White Stripes concert film entitled THE WHITE STRIPES: UNDER GREAT WHITE NORTHERN LIGHTS by filmmaker Emmett Malloy (who's worked with the likes of Metallica, Weezer, and Wolfmother) has been getting some very positive word of mouth. Terrific news no doubt for fans of the two-(wo)man rock band.

Here's the official line: "In the summer of 2007, The White Stripes embarked on a cross-country Canadian tour to accomplish their goal of performing in every province and territory across the expansive northern nation. This film documents their journey, culminating with their 10th Anniversary show in Nova Scotia."

Below is the brand new trailer. Now unfortunately, there hasn't been any announcement regarding a theatrical run. Should that change (and it's possible), we'll be sure to let you know. But in the mean time, the only way to catch this sucker is to pre-order the band's upcoming box set (due out in March) which chronicles the entire Canadian tour itself. For more info on that, head over to The White Stripes' official website RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: I like the White Stripes and all, but The Beatles already insured that I not buy another box set for a looong time.
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