Whither Jesse James?

It's been well over two years since Brad Pitt agreed to strap on the spurs and sixguns for the umpteenth story of notorious desperado Jesse James, but despite being slotted several times (currently for September) the lumberingly titled THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD has yet to gallop into theaters. So... where is it?

Pitt's turn as the famed bandit (who gets plugged by Casey Affleck as Ford) is apparently still in the mixing stable -- it seems that director Andrew Dominik (CHOPPER) wanted to do a contemplative Terrence Malick-styled tale that clocked in over three hours, while the studio wanted something a little more shoot-em-up. Pitt (who also produced the film with Ridley Scott) did his own cut(s) of the movie, but it's apparently still not in riding condition. Maybe they just can't figure out how to get the title on one poster.

The movie is an adaptation of Robert Hansen’s novel, a fame parable told from the perspective of James Gang member Robert Ford, a man torn between worshipping Jesse and taking his place as leader of the crew. He resolves the minor dilemma by gunning down his comrade in cold blood. (Spoiler?)
Extra Tidbit: Previous versions of Jesse James’ story include Walter Hill's THE LONG RIDERS, the Rob Lowe/Bill Paxton cable movie FRANK & JESSE, the bad classic JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, and the unforgettable AMERICAN OUTLAWS.
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