Who directs Conan?

There would appear to be a behind-the-scenes brouhaha in the making over who should direct the new CONAN movie. As I'm sure you've heard, Brett Ratner was shown the door and now Lionsgate and Nu Image/Millennium are looking for a replacement. Problem is, according to CHUD, they can't seem to agree.

As was reported late last week, Nu Image/Millenium was zeroing in on James McTeague (V FOR VENDETTA) as their man. But now comes word that Lionsgate isn't sold on McTeague and instead has a couple other directors in mind. Their list includes Marcus Nispel (FRIDAY THE 13TH), Christophe Gans (SILENT HILL) and Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT). Quite frankly, I think Marshall is the best choice out of any that I've heard so far but it looks like Nispel is the frontrunner at this point.

While I don't agree that Nispel would make the best CONAN film, it's hard to argue with the success of both TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and FRIDAY THE 13TH. Who's your choice to direct a CONAN movie? Any of these guys? Someone completely different?

Extra Tidbit: And who would star as Conan?
Source: CHUD



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