Who directs Voltron?

Last week we brought you the VOLTRON news that Fox-based New Regency had put the movie in turnaround only to have it picked up by Relativity Media (where it would be made on the cheap, a la 300). Now Latino Review has the scoop on who has signed on to direct the film, proof that Relativity isn't screwing around. Max Makowski, who sounds more like a character in a Wes Anderson film, has signed on to direct based on a script by Justin Marks. Makowski previously wrote and directed the 2005 Sundance hit ONE LAST DANCE and had been announced to develop movies based on the old school TV shows "Kung Fu" and "Hawaii Five-O." Without having seen ONE LAST DANCE, I can't make an educated opinion on Makowski's hiring but I do like the idea of bringing in someone fresh instead of hiring Rob Cohen or something. Makowski's biggest difficulty will likely be dealing with the legions of VOLTRON fans who want to see their favorite lion-based robot fighting squad faithfully adapted into a real world setting. Head over to Latino Review to learn more about Makowski and his work.

Extra Tidbit: Shots of torture and corpses were edited out of the Japanese cartoon for American audiences.
Source: Latino Review



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