Who is Dr. Leonid Pavel? Are these leaked CIA documents part of a viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises?

The viral campaign for THE DARK KNIGHT was pretty awesome. I ended up getting a ton of loot from that. Now that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is on the horizon I am interested in seeing what kind of viral campaign they come up with.

It looks like it may have already begun. Two news sites, Wired and Empire received two leaked CIA documents (fake obviously) from anonymous sources that they cannot trace to anywhere on the interwebs. There is speculation that the photo on the document for Dr. Leonid Pavel is actor Alon Aboutboul. The last credit on IMDB for Aboutboul is indeed, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Nowhere on either document is there anything indicating Batman or any character from the movie. On the transcript a name is marked out, but who could it be?

There is speculation that Pavel is connected to Bane in some way. There's another rumor stating that maybe it has something to do with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL, although I didn't see anything tying the actor to that movie. Let the games begin. If you figure anything out mystery team, let us know.

Check out both documents below.

Source: WiredEmpire



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