MOVIE POLL: Who is your favorite Bond villain?

Who is your favorite Bond villain?

Alec Trevelyan/006 (GoldenEye)
Dr. Julius No (Dr. No)
Le Chiffre (Casino Royale-2006)
Xenia Onatopp (Goldeneye)
Oddjob (Goldfinger)
Necros (The Living Daylights)
Rosa Klebb (From Russia With Love)
Jaws (The Spy Who Loved Me)
Nick Nack (The Man With The Golden Gun)
May Day (A View To A Kill)
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (You Only Live Twice)
Fatima Blush (Never Say Never Again)
Baron Semedi (Live and Let Die)
Auric Goldfinger (Goldfinger)
Colonel Moon (Die Another Day)
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Diamonds Are Forever)
Mr. White (Casino Royale - 2006)
Elliot Carver (Tomorrow Never Dies)
Renard (The World Is Not Enough)
Dr. Kaufman (Tomorrow Never Dies)
Aris Kristatos (For Your Eyes Only)
Franz Sanchez (License to Kill)
General Orlov (Octopussy)
Dominic Greene (Quantum of Solace)
Francisco Scaramanga (The Man With The Golden Gun)
General Georgi Koskov (The Living Daylights)
Hugo Drax (Moonraker)
Donovan "Red" Grant (From Russia With Love)
Max Zorin (A View To A Kill)
Elektra King (The World Is Not Enough)
Brad Whitikar (The Living Daylights)

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