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Who was that mysterious cowboy? Jon Favreau talks about the pic from Cowboys and Aliens


Who's that man or very athletic woman wearing the cowboy hat in the picture taken by Jon Favreau?

As I suspected, it's Daniel Craig. Collider recently spoke with the director at the charity screening of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK who confirmed that it was Craig in the photo. The site asked if Favreau thought it would be tough for people to see Craig as a cowboy and not as Bond, "I know, if you look at him, we just did our camera tests. Thatís him. We couldnít really show too much because he didnít want to reveal any images on Twitter but I wanted to kind of get a sense of the feel of it. Heís also somebody who plays an iconic figure that has a long tradition. So to have him playing a cowboy, I feel very good now having shot him and worked with him and hearing his thoughts. And the whole cast is great. With each person we add, the enthusiasm grows, with Rockwell and [Paul] Dano, of course Harrison. So far itís great. The only thing thatís scary is weíre going to be shooting soon."

What did Favs think about an icon like Ford being in the film? "Heís like our John Wayne. Heís our generationís John Wayne. How do you separate him from the roles that heís played? Heís defined the whole genre so you have to take that into consideration."

Originally Robert Downey Jr. had the lead role, but dropped out of the project for another film. Obviously Downey would have been great to see. However, I was glad to hear that Craig would be taking over. Favreau elaborated a bit on the switch, "Well, I wasnít involved when Downey was involved. Once Downey had set up shooting a sequel of Sherlock 2, he was no longer involved with this one. So when I came on board this one, it was already an open project but they had a new script based on Kurtzman and Orci and Lindelof."

So...when do we get those screen tests of Olivia?

Sweet sassafras...
Extra Tidbit: Would you say that Ford is "like our John Wayne"?
Source: Collider



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