Who will be the villain in Star Trek 2? Or at least, who won't be?


With that out of the way, I can go ahead and tell you that it looks like we won't be seeing Khan Noonien Singh returning (again) to menace James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise in the sequel to JJ Abrams' rebooted STAR TREK.

According to Badass Digest, the augmented human so memorably brought to life by the late Ricardo Montalban will not make an appearance in the upcoming sequel. So if not Khan, who might the villain be?

Badass says it could be one of the following, thrust into the update from the original "Trek" series: the stone-like creature called the Horta, space rogue Harry Mudd, impetuous Liberace-meets-Q intergalactic god Trelane, big-head alien race the Talosians, or former Kirk friend turned godlike mental case Gary Mitchell.

The site pegs Mitchell as the frontrunner, but any of those should satisfy fans of the classic five-year mission. But will they be part of a larger picture, and/or how would they play to general audiences looking for Klingons or something more familiar to the masses? It's still a couple of years before the sequel hits, so there's lots of speculation time.

Extra Tidbit: Klingon bastards killed my son.
Source: Badass Digest



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