Why Clint rules

Most people with decent taste or a modicum of sanity know that Clint Eastwood is legendary for a long list of reasons, including (but not limited to) fighting Nazis, cruising around with an orangutan, giving Mario Van Peebles a hard time, departing a maximum security prison, protecting the President, traveling into space, wooing chicks a fraction of his age, and punching and shooting a seemingly unlimited number of gunslingers and perpetrators. And that's a slow day.

Turns out there are actually quite a few other reasons that you might not be aware of. Spike has collected a list of these lesser-known factoids, including several surprises (even to a Clint admirer such as myself) like his status as a Knight of the Empire, his sensitivity to genus Equus, and his (somewhat disappointing) aversion to carnivorous behavior.

Check out their amusing and informative list RIGHT HERE. And get off my lawn.

Extra Tidbit: The first movie I can recall seeing as a youngster was THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY.
Source: Spike



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