MOVIE POLL: Why do you think "Grindhouse" underperformed?

Why do you think "Grindhouse" underperformed?

It's a 3-hour, R-rated genre movie...not exactly box-office gold!
Too much hype, too much advertising, too much everything!
People are just sick of Tarantino. His name is all over the place.
Who wants to spend 3 hours in a movie theater these days? Most will wait for DVD.
It's Easter Weekend, man! People were too busy praying and coloring eggs and shit.
They should have released it as 2 separate films...woulda made more sense.
Who knows. Most audiences these days like regurgitated remade shit and just don't appreciate originality anymore.
The lack of Salma Hayek.
Underperformed? Easy champ, it was just released 3 days ago. How about we wait and see how it does over the next few weeks.
I have my own reasons. Read below!!

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