Wicker Man's hilarious

Wow. I haven't seen the WICKER MAN remake myself but, now that I have seen the best scenes from it, I don't understand how it wasn't the talk of 2006. CHUD has directed attention to a YouTube clip that's just too fantastic not to relay. The footage of WICKER MAN you'll see in the clip seems like it may have been only somewhat ridiculous (by comparison) in the context of watching the entire movie, but now that it's been taken out of that context it's positively gut-busting. And it's safe to say the extraction wasn't unfair; these scenes definitely haven't been unfairly represented here, they've been exposed and now it's going to impossible to put them back into any kind of serious narrative. I will say no more, just check it out. Unfortunately, Devin at CHUD warns that only the final twenty or so minutes of WICKER MAN are this brilliant, otherwise I would be seriously considering running out at this very moment to pick up the DVD. "Oh no, not the bees!"

Extra Tidbit: Nicolas Cage wore his own snake skin jacket in WILD AT HEART.
Source: YouTubeCHUD



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