Wife vs. Ninja?

Let's assume you're married to a man and you find out he's cheating on you. Do you really care if the woman he left you for is a psycho? Yeah, I didn't think so. That, to me, is the major problem behind the upcoming movie WIFE VS. NINJA. While on the surface it sports a kitschy little title, the synopsis - a woman discovers that the young intern who stole her husband is actually a ninja assassin - confuses me. Why would the wife care? Your husband just left you for the sexy intern at his job, does it matter if this girl is a ninja or a wereworlf or a zombie?

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this and the man has been drugged or brainwashed or something. Whatever plot holes may exist, it didn't slow down DreamWorks who picked up the action/comedy pitch from Michael Besman (ABOUT SCHMIDT). I suppose if I'm looking for a movie about an ordinary person doing battle with the superpowered evil lover of their love interest, I'd go with SCOTT PILGRIM but that's just me...

Extra Tidbit: Hey at least it gave me an excuse to Google "sexy ninja" for pics...
Source: Variety



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