Wild Hogs rip-off?

Ever since WILD HOGS made an unexpected and humanity-questioning killing at the box office, you just had to know the knock-offs were coming. I could almost hear the shouts of "Get me my own WILD HOGS script!" all the way in Jersey. Congratulations to director Frank Coraci (CLICK) who was the first one out of the gate. Coraci will direct PART-TIME PIRATES for Fox about a bunch of middle-class guys unhappy with their lives who, instead of becoming bikers, decide to become pirates. Yup, they head off in a boat and pillage and plunder the yachts of their rich bosses. Unfortunately I don't believe there's a Kraken anywhere in sight. Coraci said of the film, "Arrrrrgh!" Seriously. When talking about the film he quite literally said, "Arrrrgh!" And if that doesn't tell you everything about this film that you need to know, well then friend, you need to up your meds.

Extra Tidbit: Can Stevie Wonder be convinced to rewrite "Part Time Lover" into the PART-TIME PIRATES theme song?



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