Wild things are here

I'm sorry, I know at least half of you clicked here expecting some more Denise Richards on Neve Campbell action. I know I would be if I was you. Unfortunately not, though. This is a movie called WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, and the first still has been released. Click on the pic for a better look.

This movie - while probably not even registering on a lot of people's radars - is something I'm really looking forward to. ADAPTATION is my all-time favourite movie, so I'm excited for anything that Spike Jonze does and Dave Eggers is one of my very favourite writers.

The film, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, is about a mischievous little dude named Max that creates his own world: a forest inhabited by fabulous wild creatures who crown Max their ruler. Jonze directs from a screenplay that Eggers adapted from the original book by Maurice Sendack. And as if the creative talent wasn't enough, Catherine Keener, Forest Whitaker and Michelle Williams lead the cast.
Extra Tidbit: If this flick is successful, hopefully it'll help Eggers' A HEART BREAKING WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUS get out of development limbo.
Source: MTV



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