Will David Goyer be writing the next Superman film, Man of Steel?

UPDATE: Just as soon as I get done writing this thing, Harry over at AICN decides to call Thomas Tull. Here's what he said on that convo: "So just a while ago I just got off the phone with Thomas Tull at Legendary Pictures who told me that the story that appeared over on LATINO REVIEW just frankly isn't true. Tull has not unilaterally hired Goyer to come in and write the new SUPERMAN. He loves Goyer, but frankly - the project isn't at the Script stage yet. Seems Nolan is still hatching some ideas. But he just wanted me to pass on that they have the highest enthusiasm for this project, but the story on Latino just isn't accurate."

UPDATE #2: Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures are negotiating with Goyer to write the script. Also, Latino Review says that WB are demanding to know who their source is. What a clusterf*ck. When Goyer comes out and says, "Hey, I'm doin' the damn thing." We'll let you know.

Hope your ready for some more good ass comic movie news...

David Goyer has possibly been hired to write the next Superman film, THE MAN OF STEEL. The very trusted source of Latino Review, Pinche Taco (don't judge a man by his alias) got the exclusive. Here is what he had to share on the story:

1. Thomas Tull, the head of Legendary, got tired of all the discussion and decided chingate, let's do it. So he went to Goyer and Goyer had an idea that actually takes the movies back to the John Byrne incarnation. Modern. Believable. FUN! So Tull got Goyer hired.

2. The film will not be called Superman and will be called THE MAN OF STEEL.

3. Brandon Routh will not star in the film.

4. Nic Cage will NOT star in the fllm (lol)

5. Bryan Singer is not expected to direct.

Conoces como Mark Millar walks around acting like he was going to write it? El Taco discovered that this was always BULLSHIT. Paul Levitz hated the guy and he was never even discussed to write it. He made all that "almost" stuff up.

I can tell you that Goyer's story involves Luthor and Brainiac. It is NOT an origin and assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry. I know the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet. And I know it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology.

If the trusted source is right, what are you guys thinking about this? I fully trust Goyer. Whatever he wants to do is alright with me. Very excited to see the return of Luther, as well as Brainiac as the villain.

Extra Tidbit: John Krasinski for Captain America! Sorry, had to throw my vote in there.
Source: Latino Review



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