Will David O. Russell be going Under Cover with Jim Carrey?

Firebrand filmmaker David O. Russell will surely be making noise with his upcoming film THE FIGHTER, the finishing touches of which are currently being implemented. While doing that, however, the director is reportedly considering jumping aboard the comedy UNDER COVER which currently has elastic funnyman Jim Carrey attached.

According to the LA Times blog 24 Frames, UNDER COVER is "a comedy with Jim Carrey as a man who turns to the therapeutic power of a cover band. The movie is described as a 'heartwarming but broadly comic story of a man winning back his family and re-discovering his voice by performing some of the greatest hits of classic rock in the unlikely company of a cover band.'"

While no official deal has been made with Carrey, the actor is indeed attached to the role. Other (unnamed) directors are also reportedly in the mix for the film, but this here with Russell and Carrey would certainly be a very interesting pairing of director and actor. What do you guys think?

Russell's THE FIGHTER, starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, is due out December 10th.
Extra Tidbit: When are we going to get an update on Russell's former film NAILED?



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