Will Doug Liman direct Coen Bros. script for Gambit remake?

While director Doug Liman is waiting for Summit's distribution deal for his film FAIR GAME, he's also eyeing another property to get his hands on.

Not just any property, a script from Joel and Ethan Coen. The Brothers Coen have been working on a remake for 1966's GAMBIT which once starred Michael Caine and Shirley McLaine. Producer Mike Lobell (TEARS OF THE SUN) has been trying to get the project made for awhile now.

In GAMBIT, Caine played cat burglar Harry Dean who is attempting to rob a billionaire of his statue. Harry enlists the help of Nicole (McLaine), a waitress that looks a lot like the billionaire's ex-wife. As their relationship becomes something more, it begins to get in the way of Harry's well thought out plan.

Liman apparently is also circling other projects. One of them being the re-imaging of THE THREE MUSKETEERS with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Extra Tidbit: No one loves Michael Caine more than Captain Murphy. (I will be impressed if anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about)
Source: Deadline



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