Will Dr. Horrible 2 be coming to theaters? Neil Patrick Harris hopes so!

Joss Whedon's DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG, released as three separate short episodes exclusively on the web in 2008, was charming and a lot of damn fun. And it seems enough people agreed, making the ultra-low budget web film a record-breaking internet sensation. Now, Whedon and his crew are apparently planning not only a sequel, but a sequel with a slightly bigger budget and made for a slightly bigger screen.

In talking to MTV, Dr. Horrible himself Neil Patrick Harris had this to say when asked about the potential sequel, "Well that's their plan. I don't know of what scale. I mean, they're talking all options. They made the first Dr. Horrible in five days on no budget at all. That was its intention. You don’t want to necessarily make the feature film be an $80 million giant movie, because it defeats the purpose of what the first film was made to be. Then again, you don’t want it to be so low-brow that it’s not worth paying money to see as a movie."

The intention for a sequel seems to be there, but the actual game plan is somewhat shakier. A lot is contingent on getting all the principal players' schedules in synch; NPH of course has "How I Met Your Mother", Nathan Fillion's got "Castle", and Felicia Day is not only star but writer and producer of online series "The Guild".

And it actually doesn't sound concrete that a sequel would go to theaters, but perhaps to television?
Extra Tidbit: Why hello there, Felicia Day.
Source: MTV



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