Will Ferrell to star in Spanish-language comedy??

I think this story must be a joke of some kind, or some kind of FUNNY OR DIE skit that actor Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay have worked out, but according to The Wrap, Ferrell has signed on to star in a Spanish-language comedy. That's right...a Spanish-language comedy (and Ferrell doesn't speak Spanish just yet). The film is called CASA DE MI PADRE (or HOUSE OF MY FATHER for those non-Spanish speaking people out there), would be subtitled in English apparently and would start shooting in California in September. The Hollywood Reporter is also reporting that the deal isn't necessarily something Ferrell wanted to do, but was the result of a lawsuit against the company producing the film (Gary Sanchez Productions). "Ferrell's participation is part of a closed-door settlement between both parties." They claim that they have one month to teach Ferrell how to speak Spanish. I don't know...this thing just doesn't add up. I get the feeling we'll be updating this story pretty soon with more specific details...

Source: TheWrap.comTHR



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