Will Megan Fox be taking over for Rose McGowan on Red Sonja?

As part of her ongoing quest to be attached to every female-oriented action film, it seems Megan Fox may be in line to replace Rose McGowan in RED SONJA. In all fairness, this is hardly Fox's fault; she's been reportedly offered the role but it's unclear what her level of interest is. While I'm hardly the biggest Megan Fox fan in the world, I think she's a better choice than McGowan (though I think there are easily better choices out there than Megan Fox).

So does that mean the RED SONJA film is still in the works? It does seem so but it looks as if the version we'll see will be largely different than the version McGowan and Robert Rodriguez were pimping at Comic-Con a few years ago. Director Douglas Aarniokoski is no longer attached to the film and a new writer is being hired to overhaul the original script by David White. It's unclear whether Rodriguez is still actively involved in shepherding the film.

I'm going to guess that Nu Image/Millennium are going to keep this project moving through various phases of development until CONAN hits theaters and they can more actively gauge the audience interest in this world. If CONAN winds up being a hit, I'll be RED SONJA will be greenlit rather quickly.

So what do you think about Megan Fox as Red Sonja? I think Rachel Nichols would be a far better choice but she's already in CONAN as a separate role. If not Fox then who?

Extra Tidbit: Is Christina Hendricks too old?
Source: Pajiba



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