Will on Anchorman 2

Will Ferrell has said in the past that the question he's asked the most (and the question he's most tired of answering) is whether there will ever be a sequel to ANCHORMAN. There's been a lot of "yeah we'd love to do that!" over the years but with the careers of pretty much everyone involved skyrocketing, the costs involved in an ANCHORMAN 2 would be rather high. But Ferrell told an Australian radio show that he's meeting with "all the guys" from ANCHORMAN next week to "figure out when and how" a sequel could take shape. While he didn't name them all, I would presume the guys would be writer/director Adam McKay, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and maybe David Koechner.

Now some have advocated for a sequel set in the 1980s but to me that would be the most patently absurd idea ever. Who wants to see an ANCHORMAN sequel just for more funny outfits? If you're going to make an ANCHORMAN sequel you have to do it so ridiculously over-the-top (like McKay's pitched "Anchormen in Space" idea). What time period the movie takes place in is completely irrelevant. Hell, they could time travel if they wanted to... The ANCHORMAN universe clearly does not take place in any real world anyway.

Extra Tidbit: If you want to listed to a really bad interview capped off with :30 seconds of Ferrell talking ANCHORMAN 2, you can listen here.
Source: Moviehole



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