Will Paul Greengrass go on a Fantastic Voyage?

GREEN ZONE turned out to be a bit of a flop for Paul Greengrass, which is a shame. Perhaps that's why he's now in talks to jump aboard the very commercial 3D remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE? Wait, what?!

Back in December, we reported that James Cameron would be taking control of the long in development remake in a producer capacity. And now it seems Greengrass may be jumping aboard to direct, which is both very weird (considering Greengrass's filmography) and very exciting (considering Greengrass's filmography). Couple that with the technical elements Cameron would likely be bringing to the table, and, well, shit... the more I think about it, the more excited I get by the possibilities.

A little on the 1966 film from THR's Heat Vision blog: "The original 'Voyage,' made during the Cold War, revolved around a team of scientists who are shrunk to atomic size and sent on a miniature submarine to save the life of a defecting Soviet scientist. The story then followed the biological adventures the team encounters in trying to save the scientist and themselves.

The new take hews closely to the original, minus the Cold War element, and will add snazzy up-to-date special effects and be delivered with the medium du jour, 3D."

I like this! It would be interesting to see if Greengrass brings a more muted version of his quasi-documentary style, or if he does something completely different. How do you guys feel about this?
Extra Tidbit: Why oh why do I not have INNERSPACE on DVD? For shame!



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