Will Peter Venkman's secret son take over the business in Ghostbusters 3?

I have no idea what's going on with GHOSTBUSTERS 3.

Is it getting off the ground? Is it in limbo? Is Bill Murray still talking shit? (Most likely) Well, some new details have arisen via Bloody Disgusting.

Remember little baby Oscar from the sequel? Of course you do. It looks like little Oscar is the love child of Dana Berrett (Sigourney Weaver) and Peter Venkman (Bill Murray). According to an insider, Oscar is now grown-up and wants to take over the family business.

But who will be the older and eager Oscar? No details on that, but maybe Michael Cera is hoping for the part.

There's also more news from Bloody Disgusting that the awesome Rick Moranis will return for the sequel as well as Weaver. Word has it that the production is moving right along, regardless of anything Murray has been saying.

Sometimes I feel like the continued talk and rumors that surround GHOSTBUSTERS 3 are just throw around to keep it alive. I'd actually like for Ivan Reitman to be like, "We're doing it. It's in production. This is true and that is true...". Blah. Blah. Blah.

What do you think about Oscar being the secret love child of Dana and Peter?

Extra Tidbit: I'm surprised that they aren't trying to make even more HONEY I SHRUNK "the whatever" movies.



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