Will Russell Play?

We all know Brad Pitt is a dramatic actor, but does that mean he has to go and cause drama too? Last week I reported that he left the production of STATE OF PLAY, days before it was to start shooting. Universal was still committed to the picture, and scrambled to find a replacement. Names like Hanks and Depp were being tossed around after the writer’s strike delayed their upcoming films ANGELS & DEMONS and SHANTARAM respectively. Now Variety is reporting that the studio spent the weekend courting Russell Crowe, and that an announcement could come shortly. Crowe would have to fit the picture into his schedule before March, when he is set to begin filming on his umpteenth collaboration with Ridley Scott, the Robin Hood revision NOTTINGHAM. STATE OF PLAY has long been a priority for Universal, but Pitt leaving could place the project in jeopardy. The Variety article is an interesting read, especially if you’re obsessed with Helen Mirren like I am (she’s in the movie and her name is mentioned ). Check out the article over HERE so you can follow the unfolding drama that I will lazily dub the STATE OF PLAY affair.
Extra Tidbit: Helen Mirren is married to Taylor Hackford, the director of RAY.
Source: Variety



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