Will Smith as... Cap?

rUPDATE - AICN has talked to Marvel who confirm the below story is complete bullshit...

(Original story): Let's hear it for the red, white & blue... and brown?

When Marvel's iconic (and famously blond-haired and blue-eyed) patriot hero CAPTAIN AMERICA finally hurls his shield on the big screen, will he be portrayed by mega-star Will Smith?

Nah, probably not -- but that's the comic book rumor du jour (to go with the latest BATMAN 3 nonsense). MTV chatted with actor Derek Luke (of Spike Lee's upcoming MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA) who claimed "I heard they offered Will Smith ‘Captain America," further stating that such an unverifed proposition "shows you how times have changed." Alas, there's not much to it beyond that.

Smith just played a superhero on the complete opposite end of the spectrum in HANCOCK, would Marvel be that prepared to step on another "franchise" (oh please, no HANCOCK 2) and shake up their own character history? Smith is certainly a bankable star. Hmm.

Extra Tidbit: Marvel published a series called "TRUTH: RED WHITE & BLACK" that retconned a black hero subjected to the "super soldier serum" before the Captain America popularized in decades of comics.
Source: MTV



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