Will Smith-Cruise Jr.

Despite not sharing his parents’ genes, Connor Cruise is on his way to mega stardom. The 13-year old adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman has shot a small part in the upcoming Will Smith drama SEVEN POUNDS, as a younger version of the Smith character. He shot his parts over a month ago, and appears mostly in photographs, but a start is a start, right? The movie costars Rosario Dawson and is directed by Gabriele Muccino, who did Smith right by directing him PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. The film follows a man who changes the lives of seven people.

I wonder how little Connor landed the role? Certainly most skeptics will point to the fact that Will Smith was doing his good buddy Tom Cruise a solid, one dad to the next, while others might mention Cruise’s all consuming power and the film’s producers trying to conjure up any publicity they can, because having Will Smith in your movie just isn’t enough. Be me? I choose to believe that Connor auditioned like everyone else, and turned out to be the best damn ‘child photograph poser who kind of looks like he can be Will Smith’ there is.

Extra Tidbit: Tom and Nicole separated when she was three months pregnant. She later miscarried.



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