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Will Smith is attached once more to supernatural thriller Selling Time


If Will Smith decides to opt-out of INDEPENDENCE DAY 2, he's already got something else lined up. Who am I kidding? Will Smith will never run out of films to star in.

What's funny about this project is that Smith was already attached to it a few years ago then had to drop out. The project is question is called SELLING TIME. It's very much like GROUNDHOG DAY but a supernatural thriller, and minus Bill Murray.

The script was initially penned by former DreamWorks Television president Dan McDermott, then people like Spike Lee as well as Steven and Derick Martini have tried to make it their own. It's expected that McDermott will come back to do rewrites.

The flick would focus on Smith as "a man who is given a chance to relive the worst day of his life in exchange for seven years off his life expectancy."

Source: The Wrap



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